For boys who attend Fairfield Preparatory School, we offer the full teen driving course during convenient after-school hours. This course includes 30 hours of classroom training, 8 hours behind-the-wheel road instruction, and onsite license test at our Shelton location for $690. 

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This course is held multiple scheduled times during the school year. Classes are held after school from 6pm to 8pm weekdays via Zoom. Check out our main page for reference calendar.

Behind-the-wheel lessons are offered after students have completed all of the classroom sessions and have a valid Connecticut Learner’s Permit. Lessons last for two hours. We meet students at Fairfield Preparatory School and can drop them off either back at the high school or the Fairfield Train Station, allowing students who do not live near the high school to have access to train transportation to make the process easier for parents. When a student is ready to schedule behind-the-wheel lessons, he must call the Shelton office to arrange a time with an instructor. Parents can also call on behalf of the student. Additional lessons are offered at a cost of $65 per hour.

Once a student is ready to schedule his license test, he must call to verify that all of his necessary information has been provided to Airway Driving School before a date can be made. The date must also be verified with the student’s parent if he is under 18.

This course is offered exclusively to students who currently attend Fairfield Preparatory School.


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