Drive Only Licensing

Connecticut has started a Drive Only program for undocumented individuals who are 16 and older and cannot establish their legal presence in the United States or may not have a Social Security number. We offer classes and behind-the-wheel lessons for Drive Only students. Please note that all of our classes are taught in English; students must be able to read, write, and understand English in order to register.
Please see the DMV website for more information on the Drive Only program and the steps you need to get your license. Remember to be prepared for your permit test.
General Information
Checklist (English)
Checklist (Spanish)
Courses We Offer:
  • 8-hour drug and alcohol course for teens (16-17 years old) and adults (18+): $79
  • Full teen driving course (16-18 years old): $480
  • Behind-the-wheel lessons (for students holding a valid CT learner’s permit): $65