Please understand a lot of standard procedures have changed or are in the process of being changed due to Covid-19.  If you are unsure of anything, please feel free to call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Stay safe and healthy.

“How do I get started?”

It’s easy to get started. Simply visit the Airway Homepage or click on the “Sign up Now” link to pay. You will receive a confirmation email and Product order receipt that will include additional links to complete the intake form, schedule classes, and quizzes.

“How do I complete the intake form?”

1. Retrieve your “Product Order Receipt”. This was emailed to you upon initial payment of course.
2. Click on schedule.
3. New link will pop up. Click on intake form Listed in step 1.
4. Select a time. This is not another appointment it is simply a timestamp for our records.
5. Select continue.
6. Complete form entirely.
7. At the end of the form at the bottom of the page it will ask for a code. This should have auto filled if opened from your email but if not please copy the certificate code from your receipt here. This ensures you do not pay anything additional.
8. Click complete after that and you are all set.

An email will be sent to you  with confirmation that your intake form is complete. Your intake form must be completed post payment, and prior to participating in Zoom classes.

“How do I select classes?”

Selecting classes are very similar to completing the intake form. Please read below:

Retrieve your “Product Order Receipt” you received via email.
In the receipt there is the schedule link, written in blue. Click on that.
The link will then bring you to the scheduling website (Acuity).
To book classes click on the heading available is step one (example: Teen Drug and Alcohol Class 1) and pick from the days available.
Towards the end of the page your certificate code that should automatically show up (if not you can find it on your receipt and manually fill it in).
Click complete appointment. Then click redeem package.
NOTE: Make sure to put in the certificate code (located on Product order receipt) so you are not paying the full amount every time you book a class.

“Do classes need to be taken in chronological order?”

Classes can be taken in any order as a convince to our students.

“How do I get into my Zoom classes?”

After booking a class an email confirmation complete with a direct zoom link will be sent to the email address on file. Please make sure when you attend class you are attending under your own name. This is especially important for attendance.

“Are there assignments? How do I complete them?”

After each class taken there is an assignment to be completed.
Please take the following steps to finish correctly and on time:
Retrieve your Product Order receipt.
You will notice there is a link for the Airway Online Portal/password.
Click on the link and fill in the password provided.
You will now be in the student portal where all assignments and quizzes are located.
To take a quiz click on the corresponding class link and complete. Please not ALL submissions must be done within a 24 hour period post class, and include your first and last legal name to be counted for credit.

Assignments must be completed and submitted within a 24 hour period post class for credit towards the course.

“Where do I go to take a quiz or complete an assignment?”

In the Product Order Receipt received for scheduling there is also a clickable link to the Airway Online Portal complete with student password. This will be where a copy of the calendar and all quizzes are located.

“What happens if I do not complete an assignment or my assignment is late?”

Students are given until midnight post class to complete work issued.  If you do not complete assignments/quizzes you will not receive credit for said class causing delays. Students are responsible for their own work in a timely fashion.

“Do students need to be 16 to start a driver education course?”

Yes. Students must be at least 16 years of age to start a classroom course, driving, and to obtain a Connecticut Learner’s Permit.

“What courses do you offer and how to I sign up?”

We offer a Full Teen driving Course (16-18 years old), Teen 8HR Drug and Alcohol Course, and an Adult (18+) 8HR Drug and Alcohol course. To sign up and get started with online learning click here!

We also offer independent Behind-the-Wheel lessons. Please contact the Shelton office for more details and booking.

All students must have proper identification (CT learner’s permit, school ID and birth certificate, state-issued ID, or passport) at the time of registration.

“Do I need my permit to start?”

No. You can complete classroom classes without a valid CT learner’s permit, but you will need to provide a copy of  your Birth certificate and student ID if under 18. Over 18 years old a valid ID is required. You must obtain the permit before taking behind-the-wheel lessons.

“When do you have classes?”

We offer a variety of classes currently offered via Zoom. Please scroll to the bottom of the  Airway Homepage to see a current calendar for reference.

“What is your policy on being late to classes?”

If you are late to any of our classroom courses,  will not be allowed into the zoom session. Our classes are regulated by the DMV; therefore we do not tolerate tardiness. For behind-the-wheel lessons; students must arrive on time.

“When can I start Behind-the-Wheel lessons?”

Lessons are available once all online classes are completed, and balance is paid.

“Do you require students to wear PPE?”

Students ALWAYS should come to lessons with a new/clean face mask with their nose tucked in!!! Clean sterile gloves are also mandatory for driving lessons.

“Do you have a cancellation policy for classes and behind-the-wheel lessons?”

We ask students to contact us 24 hours in advance or as soon as possible when a cancellation needs to be made for Zoom classes. 

For behind-the-wheel lessons, we require a 24-hour cancellation notice for weekday appointments and a 48-hour cancellation notice for weekend and holiday lessons.

Lessons cancelled without sufficient notice will be subject to a $30 fee. If students do not have their permit (or glasses/contacts if applicable), they will not be able to drive and will be charged $30 for a missed lesson.

“Can I take a license test at your school?”

Please call the Shelton office at 203-924-9800 and inquire as rules and regulations are updated often regarding Covid-19. Thank you.

“Do you pick students up at home for behind-the-wheel lessons?”

Currently we do not pick any students up from home or school due to Covid-19. All except Fairfield Prep students are to report to the Shelton Office for these appointments.

“What’s your policy on inclement weather?”

If the weather is bad (snow, heavy rains, etc.), please call (203) 924-9800. Announcements will be made on this website and our Facebook page.

“I’ve taken a break from driving school. Can I start again?”

 If it is less than one year, then no problem! Check our current class schedule. There is a one year window to complete a course once paid and enrolled. After that time you would need to re-enroll and pay again for the course.

“Who do I contact with questions?”

Any online learning questions can be answered via email. Just click the “Contact us” link located at the bottom of any Airway page.

For Behind-the-Wheel lessons please call our Shelton Office directly @ 203-924-9800 weekdays between 11am-4pm.

Interested in more details?

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