Does my child have to be 16 to start a driver education course?

-Yes. Students must be 16 to start a classroom course, driving, and to obtain a Connecticut Learner’s Permit.

What classes do you offer and how to I sign up?

-We offer a full teen driving course (16-18 years old), 8-Hour Drug and Alcohol Course (teens and adults), and behind-the-wheel lessons (16+ years old with valid CT learner’s permit). If you are under the age of 18, you must come in to our Shelton office with a parent to register. If you are 18 years old or older, you may register over the phone for the 8-Hour course. For behind-the-wheel lessons, unless you completed the 8-Hour course with Airway, you must come into our office in Shelton to register. All students must have proper identification (CT learner’s permit, school ID and birth certificate, state-issued ID, or passport) at the time of registration.

“Do I need my permit to start?”

-No. You can complete any classroom course without a valid CT learner’s permit. You must obtain the permit before taking behind-the-wheel lessons.

“When do you have classes?”

-We offer a variety of classes at different times. Please see our schedules here for all of our upcoming classes.

“What is your policy on being late to classes?”

-If you are late to any of our classroom courses, you either will not be allowed to stay OR you will have to make up the lost time, depending on how late you are. Our classes are regulated by the DMV; therefore we do not tolerate tardiness. For behind-the-wheel lessons, students must arrive on time.

“Do you have a cancellation policy for classes and behind-the-wheel lessons?”

-If you cancel an 8-Hour Drug and Alcohol Course, you can reschedule and will not be charged. For behind-the-wheel lessons, we require a 24-hour cancellation notice for weekday appointments and a 48-hour cancellation notice for weekend and holiday lessons. Lessons cancelled without sufficient notice will be subject to a $30 fee. If students do not have their permit (or glasses/contacts if applicable), they will not be able to drive and will be charged $30 for a missed lesson.

“Can I take a license test at your school?”

-Yes, if you are under the age of 22. If you are age 16-21, you can take a license test at our Shelton location. If you are age 22 or older, you can use our school vehicle at Bridgeport DMV. Students wishing to test with Airway or use our vehicle must complete the necessary coursework and behind-the-wheel lessons to be eligible. 

“Do you pick students up at home for behind-the-wheel lessons?”

-We pick students up in Shelton, Derby, and Ansonia. Students in other cities would need to come to Airway in Shelton.

“What’s your policy on inclement weather?”

-If the weather is bad (snow, heavy rains, etc.), please call (203) 924-9800. An announcement will be made on this website and our Facebook page, but the first place it will be decided will be our office, so call us first.

“I’ve taken a break from driving school. Can I start again?”

-Yes. If you have taken months off from attending classes or driving, check our current class schedule to see when the classes you need are being offered. If you do not know what you’ve completed, please call (203) 924-9800 to find out.

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