Full Driver Education Course

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A full teen driving course consists of 30 hours of classroom training and 8 hours of behind-the-wheel road instruction with Airway Driving School. A full teen driving course includes the state-mandated 8-hour drug and alcohol course and the 2-hour parent class.
This course usually qualifies students for an insurance discount, which is valid until the student is in their 20s. Please check with your insurance provider to see what they can do for you. Also, students who take a full teen driving course only have to wait 120 days before taking a license test, compared with waiting 180 days with just the 8-hour course. Please note that students are eligible to take a license test on the 121st or 181st day by state law.
What We Offer: The Most Flexible Courses In The Valley!
  • 30 hours of classroom training and 8 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction for $480. Classes are held Monday-Thursday 6-8pm and Saturday 9-11am. We now hold two class on most Saturdays. The classroom is completed in 15 2-hour sessions, which rotate throughout the month. The schedule for the month is posted here, on our Facebook page, and a paper copy is available in our Shelton office. You can finish the teen course in two and a half weeks.
Here’s how it works: classes are numbered 1-15 and rotate throughout the month. Students must come to each class once. So, if a student attends class 8, class 8 does not need to be done again. We number the classes so students can easily keep track of their progress. Students can begin their behind-the-wheel instruction with Airway Driving School once they have a valid Connecticut Learner’s Permit, have completed a minimum of 5 classroom days, and the balance on the course has been paid. To schedule lessons, students can call or arrange an appointment time in person. Additional lessons are offered for $65. per hour.
To sign up, students ages 16-17 must come with a parent, their learner’s permit (if students do not have a permit, they must bring a school ID with photo and birth certificate), and a deposit of $250. The remaining balance on the course is due once the student wishes to begin behind-the-wheel lessons. Students who are 18 can still take a full driving course; however the full $480 must be paid up front and proper ID must be provided at the time of registration.
  • Onsite License Testing: $90. Click here to learn more about our onsite license testing program.
  • Do you attend Fairfield Preparatory School? Click here to find out about our classes offered there!