This course consists of 30 hrs of classroom training & 8 hours of behind-the-wheel road instruction with Airway Driving School. The state-mandated 8-hour drug and alcohol classes are also provided; complete with a 2-hour parent class.


The Full Teen course usually qualifies students for an insurance discount. Check with your insurance provider for possible discounts.

With full teen driving course it’s only a 120 (eligible on day 121) day wait before taking a license test! Compare that to waiting 180 (eligible on day 181) days with the 8-hour course.

This program provides the valuable knowledge from experienced instructors preparing young drivers for a lifetime of successful driving.

Flexible Scheduling:

Start anytime!

Complete classroom hours in as little as 3 1/2 weeks!

15 2-hour classes; numbered 1-15 to assist in tracking progress, but can be completed in any order.

Once a valid Connecticut Learner’s Permit is obtained, 5 classroom days are completed, and course balance is paid behind-the-wheel lessons begin.

Contact us to schedule behind-the-wheel lessons!

Sign up:

Students ages 16-17 complete the intake form, provide a copy of your learner’s permit (if you don’t have a permit provide a current school ID with photo and birth certificate), and either pay in full or just a $300 deposit.

Remaining balance due when you want to begin behind-the-wheel lessons .

Students who are 18 can still take a full driving course; however a complete payment of $525 is required before services are rendered.

Also offering:

  • Additional road lessons for $70/hr
  • Onsite License Testing: $90.
  • Classes available for Fairfield Prep students.

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