License Testing Services

When you are ready to get your license, we offer two options (depending on your age) to help. For students ages 16-21, onsite testing is offered at our Shelton office 12 months out of the year. For students ages 22 and over, testing must be done at a DMV branch office that does license testing. We can offer the use of our school vehicle at Bridgeport DMV. For a list of DMV branch offices that do license testing, click here.
Testing at Airway Driving School: $90
  • use of school vehicle (Toyota Corolla)
  • use of appointment date and time
  • use of location (Shelton office)
Testing at Bridgeport DMV: $125
  • use of school vehicle (Toyota Corolla) at Bridgeport DMV
  • student is responsible for scheduling appointment date and time
  • student must discuss meeting place with Airway Driving School
Remember that if you wish to use either of our license testing services, you MUST take a minimum of 2 hours of behind-the-wheel road instruction with Airway Driving School and drive proficiently. If our instructors deem you are unable to pass a test after 2 hours, you will be required to take additional lessons until you drive proficiently.